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not just any game...

24 March 2006
it's scrabble. and george got me hooked on it. wheee! we're playing two or three games a night now. after... three nights. -grin-

i'm a junkie and i've got the marks to prov-

oops, wrong kind of junkie. but i do have some funky bruises on the inside of my elbow because i decided to put my own cuffs on during suspension. they don't look that great. like.... the bruises i had for the friday the 13th show in january, that looked like they were taking up half my arm, on the inside of my elbow? yeah. not cool! that was from the five zillion tubes of blood they had to take for my various blood tests before the study. and with all the jumping around and spacing out and stuff i did at that show... it was half believable too.

i got lost in the music that night, it was beautiful. i remember getting off the stage, doing three shots of whiskey with holly and henry and ending back up onstage, dancing around and falling over. too drunk, way too drunk. and they kept giving me more whiskey on stage too.

anyways, enough reminiscing about party times. i'll have plenty of time after i get out for whiskey. -grin-
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