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not a morning person.

30 March 2006
lately i haven't been too good about updating. or calling people back. or returning emails. so it goes.

spent a couple days holding my own during suspensions, threatening matt and don with various knitting implements and bodily harm, making fun of john's strap-on (oh god, you had to be there) don's argyle sweater and being sung to by john, matt AND don. awww. except it was like, one hit wonders from the fifties. they tried to piss me off today by bringing in buddy holly, little did they know i've got a soft spot for him and i know the words to most of his songs. take that! i got a good shot in today too, matt had said something stupid to me (imagine that!) and then had to walk around me to get something. i just swung my arm out and got him right in the chest. hard. it set me swinging and giggling. "well, matt, you can't be surprised, you walked right into that one"

it's slow going though. some days really drag on and on and on.

and it's about 3am now and i'm just starting to feel tired. i don't know what to do about this. i really dont' want to have to start taking the sleeping pills again, those made me feel miserable in the morning. but then again, being up all night makes me feel miserable in the morning.

or, i'm just simply not a morning person and every morning is miserable. blah.

mel and sara should both be back tomorrow. i hope. two more knitters to hang out and make fun of the guys with. so far i've got mel, sara, elizabeth and ricki to knit with, just here at the hospital. and more from snb. whoo!

tomorrow: the flickr account.
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