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strange dreams

01 March 2006
still having strange dreams here, some that i remember vividly, some that i have fuzzy recollections of.

one: i had a dream that i was in a coma (boring dream, huh?) and that i wake up in a dark hospital room, can't move, can't breathe, can't speak, can't get the nurses. naturally, panic ensues. i wake up for real, and i'm so caught up in the pillows and sheets that, of course, i can't move. quite a bit of crying and shuffling about, i realize where i am and sort of snap out of it. after a minute or two of sniffling, this starts a whole new fit about not having anyone to wake up when you've had a bad dream and just need someone to cuddle with. ouch ouch ouch.

two: a strange dream that i don't remember much of, i remember getting really dressed up in black and red (flouncy skirts, corsets, the whole nine yards) and geoff (hello? wtf?) comes walking up to me looking really mad. i say something about "i couldn't find my shoes, that bitch threw out my shoes" and he tells me that his father's upset, and we aren't going out tonight. and then i woke up. no idea what that means, why geoff was in it, or why i was getting dressed up and then running around a basement that looked a lot like mike m's mom's basement when i was living there.

lots of dreams involving people from "past lives", people vaguely involved in dreams and lives i've "left behind". i suppose this is the time for it, since i have all the freaking time in the world to go over my life: past, present, and future.


in completely unrelated news, i'm kind of sick of drinking water. -shrug- not much i can do about it...
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  • yes. water sucks after days and days of it! by the time i left the hospital and wasn't eating/drinking anything, it was because none of it tasted any good for the millionth time. the iowa city water was good the first time i had it, and after staying in the hospital, i could probably describe it's chemical/mineral content with amazing accuracy.

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