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25 March 2006
so i've been busy with volunteers, crocheting dishcloths for ricki, knitting my ever-so-slow blanket, and working on the album art for the grog shop show we did back in january. i'm trying to be good, drinking a lot of water and eating all of my food, but i'll be damned. the tv dinners get nasty, and quick. (they're picked out because of the low fat/cal/sodium content, certainly not for the taste.)

there has to be another way.

mike: I don't think they're sending Lean Cuisines with the atronauts to Mars
erin: blarg, i'd sure as shit hope not
erin: there would be at least one food related murder by the end of the second month

so sorry i haven't written much, it's taking all of my energy to get this food down and trying to get something ACCOMPLISHED. and by accomplished i mean FINISHED. small victories... but no wars won just yet.


oh yeah, and i may have to get my hair cut short after this study just to deal with bed-head aftermath. somedays it's so bad that i'm tearing knots out of my hair just to get a brush through it..
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