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23 March 2006
now listening; eef barzelay - thanksgiving waves

so, one of the psych OT people pointed out to me that perhaps i haven't been the most forward with my requests for visitors, and that maybe i should just come out and say "hey, would you come here at 2pm on sunday?" it's not my style, really. if they want to come, they'll come. if they don't want to come over, i'll probably have a hard time calling them when i get out.

though i don't know if like, halfway through i'll change my mind and really break down most of my principles and standard practices and start asking people show up.

i'm actually getting comfortable with fewer people showing up.-shrug- people are busy, people have jobs, boyfriends, girlfriends, bands, lives to carry on. i quit my life for three months, but that doesn't mean that they should quit theirs.

contradictory and such, i know. i need to stop playing games from realarcade and really start working. fork.
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