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30 March 2006
i ended up getting about four hours of sleep last night (this morning?) but after a groggy half hour or so, i'm awake.

and i awoke to find my blog traffic had.... doubled my daily average exploded, and it's not even noon yet. someone at NASA watch picked up on the letter i sent to cleveland scene in response to this article on human guinea pigs. suppose i should blog more often, eh?

ok, more later, including the promised flickr page and guidelines for getting into the project, if you're interested!
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  • Way to go Erin! I'm one of the people that picked up your link from nasawatch. You are doing a cool thing for future long duration spaceflight and I appreciate it. I'm a contractor at NASA HQ in Washington and I can see direct benefit of this research. Thanks for doing this and be sure to include some Robert Heinlein in your reading list.

    By Anonymous JimT, at 15:49  
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