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why is it that...

09 March 2006
... my brain really gets going around 10pm?

i'm supposed to be asleep by 11, and it always feels like i'm just getting started.

how frustrating. i am really a night owl and this "asleep-all-night-awake-all-day" thing just isn't cutting it for me.

-grin- oh well....
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  • Saw an article in Time magazine about the difference between morning people and evening/night people -- and the latter really do get a second wind at 10 or 11 and get all cranked up. It's natural for you.

    By Blogger Mark Pritchard, at 01:11  
  • Hey,

    What are you charging for a Funky Knit Hat & Scarf, designed by Erin of course ?

    By Anonymous Taylor@ Mikes Job, at 08:24  
  • I can empathize with your insomnia. The regular world is not kind to those of us with an alternative inner clock.

    I find listening to the human voice more helpful than music when I am trying to go to sleep. Relaxation or meditation tapes can be helpful. Guided imagery seems to facilitate the transition to dreamland. My favorites are by Nathaniel Braden and the Buddhist priest,Thich Nhat Hanh.

    Perhaps you could exchange knitted hats & scarves for tapes & books.

    Or perhaps someone could record "Alice in Wonderland" for you.

    Apparently, although the inability to sleep is a symptom of depression, inadequate sleep can cause the other symptoms of depression.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:10  
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