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big changes on day 54

15 April 2006
i'm not sure WHAT brought this on, but all of a sudden they changed the angles of the cameras in our rooms. ricki came in today and explained the whole thing, basically one is pointed towards my bed, and the other one is pointed above my bed, so you only see things that are about 18 inches above my bed. so, if i were to sit up, you'd see it. so they took the sheet down that was blocking the cameras.

gah. it feels like a major privacy invasion, wtf. i don't like the new arrangement one bit, but i have to put up with it.


yesterday i spent most of the day off and on working on an interview for the financial times, a daily national paper based in london. so not only did the rocketboom piece get released with japanese subtitles, now england wants to know about me too.

i'm not letting this get to my head. i just think it's really cool.

ADD has set in hard. it's getting harder and harder tocome back to this page and write. i'm being lazy too, but that's my own problem.

and i accidentally wasted four hours of my day after my massage. phooo. between the antivert and the massage, i was down for the count. mike was here after massage and i barely remember it. and having said all this, of course, i'm probably going to be up until the butt crack of dawn, paying for post-massage bliss. damn. note to self: cut dose in half.

blah blah blah blah blah.
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