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25 April 2006
OK, so the truth about me ignoring the blog is that I'm battling a bout of depression/cabin fever. I don't want to be here, the trees are in bloom, and for once, Cleveland's Spring showed up earlier than any year I've been here so far. I'm nervous about the CNN thing (tentatively scheduled for May 3rd and 4th?) and in general, completely fed up with laying in bed. So, I've been trying to keep myself completely occupied at all times. If I get too much time to think about things, I just get frustrated. So: I'm currently working on:
  1. album art / tshirt logos / website design for The Volta Sound
  2. a resume for an internship at cleveland.com that i really, REALLY want.
  3. trying to figure out how to knit myself a purse. erg.
  4. coming up with a perfect design for my next tattoo. (I'm also looking for artists in the Cleveland area, if anyone has suggestions of who to go/not to go to? I'm also willing to travel (within reason) for better artists.)
You know what else? I haven't had a good scream this entire time. It would probably freak people out here. Sometimes, it's just NECESSARY.

It's a healthy, natural release valve, a coping mechanism. Better yet? It works. Some days, nothing helps more than a window rattling, ear splitting, throat-rasping scream. I think I'll walk outside after I get out of bed and just let loose 12 weeks of pent up aggression. After 10 seconds, I'm done. All better. What's next?

But, in all reality... It could be worse. I could be these folks.
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  • Tattoo ... Voodoo Monkey W25 near the west side market. I *think* her name is Kathy .. she did a wonderful job w/ mine and perfect w/ color.

    By Blogger Kat, at 16:13  
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