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28 April 2006
...but I almost did today. A really great surprise late in the day really helped out. I'm still totally spaced out and cant' really focus on anything... but my general demeanor certainly improved.


I knew Justine was coming out tonight. But I suppose I should have known something was up when she said she wouldn't need an escort back over to her car. (The other times she came around, she left with someone else, after dark, and had them take her back to her car, over on Cedar. The Cleveland Clinic is a really nice hospital surrounded by a really shitty neighborhood to the south and west.) But, because I'm so scatterbrained these days, I didn't think anything of it.

brain goes: email beep beep myspace thom's chat hey! Justine's coming out today oh pretty shiny thing email i'm so bored time to go home home home i want to go home dammit blah blah blah oh hi blah blah blah

So I was looking forward to seeing her again. She's always fun to hang out with and she's awesome at origami. Note to self: post pictures of the origami zoo she has started in my room. -grin-

 Justine walked in, looking happy to have finally made it here. (My room is kind of tucked away and hard to get to.) And following her in?

 Eric, brand new General Manager elect of WCSB 89.3. I haven't seen him this entire time, but have kept in fairly close contact between email (which is more than I can say for a sadly large number of "friends") and calls into his radio show, which is Friday night on WCSB, 11pm - 1am.

I've MISSED Eric. Really, honestly, MISSED Eric. A lot. Like I MISSED Leia.

I'm not sure how Justine and Eric planned this, but I'm glad they did. It gave me warm fuzzies inside, like a shot of whiskey. Mmmm. Maker's Mark. Eric? You down?

 Eric says "yes" to the Maker's Mark. Posted by Picasa
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