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budgets, checks and balances

04 April 2006
i'm getting both my friend (jenn) and one of the night nurses (ophelia) started on budgets.

i really like it when people get excited about this, when they realize that not only can they keep track of their money, but they can plan and save and spend and see what that does.

mike and i started this about a year and a half ago, with some effort and lifestyle habits on our part, it's really shown us what we can do. (anything! with patience, of course)

it's one of the main reasons i was able to do this study: we sat down with the budget and saw what it would look like with no income for three months. and we could make it work.

downside: i got excited about this late, and i'm still awake!

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  • Damnit, I need a budget. *sigh*

    By Anonymous Kimbear, at 12:32  
  • Oooh! If you have an online budget site or a spreadsheet, would you post it? I soo need a budget!

    By Blogger Black Barbie Gives You This Stress Test, at 10:48  
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