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cherry blossom girl

28 April 2006
 Spring is officially here, and I'm missing the cherry blossoms.

 This is a little courtyard off of Carnegie, and I get a view of it every day on my way to lab.

 Last post of the night.

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  • Hi Erin,

    I love your photos! I also have some cherry trees in front of my house. They're marvellous in this time!

    Can we make a friendship anyway? I'm Hungarian and English teacher, with two children.



    By Blogger Nina, at 00:38  
  • Great Blog...I enjoyed the pictures, especially the green bricks.


    By Blogger BionicBuddha, at 01:29  
  • We have the most fabulous display of cherry blossoms on Vashon Island WA right now. You'd love it, too. So different than drab gray winter!

    By Blogger Heidi on Vashon, at 02:07  
  • Wow! Your are either totally dedicated to science or totally psycho. Or both.

    So here's a joke to start your day:

    What did the goldfish say when he swam into a wall?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03:06  
  • Thanks for landing on my blog! Hotboy

    By Blogger hotboy, at 07:20  
  • hey girl, i passed ur blog and found it kinda funny and the type of blogs u read with a smile on... keep it up :)

    By Blogger uae alias, at 08:22  
  • Hi, and thank you for the comment!

    I gotta admit that I know nothing about Cleveland, but will be moving there the weekend of May 20. :-)

    The NASA Academy is pretty much the coolest NASA program this side of the astronaut office, and this will be Glenn Research Center's second year for having one. This year we'll have eleven college juniors, seniors, and early grad students who we'll be exposing to all sides of the space program... government, academic, and industry. One of the things we do is try to do is see all the sights in the area where the Academy is (it's good for the bonding to make 'em do lots of stuff together). So... if you have suggestions for *the* things to do in Cleveland, and especially space-related things, I would LOVE to hear about them!

    We would also love for you to come speak with the students during the Academy (June 5-August 12)... it's a pretty big thing you're doing, and that kind of science is critical to the future of space exploration. The program's goal is to guide the engineers and scientists who will lead the space program in the future. It would be awesome if you would share your human experience with these techincal-minded folks.


    By Blogger Jessica, at 12:20  
  • Bloggers for charity ....


    By Blogger millionblogger, at 14:58  
  • Nice blog! Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner or a digital camera, so I can't put my awesome pics up. Kudos!

    By Blogger Aphrodite's Disappointment, at 15:45  
  • Erin,

    I had a chance to view your blog late last might and I must tell you that at first, I thought you were terminally ill. Your thoughts and feelings and isolation are so similar to what I go through, and I am young, and I am terminal. When I continued to read and read as you spoke of 'friends', I too could relate and unfortunately, this IS human nature and people just do not like the idea of having to deal with their own mortality.

    I believe it takes a courageuos person to participate in a study, for what ever reason and hope that your intentions are pure and that you will NOT forget the isolation. You in turn, will walk where few want to, less understand, and too many have been before. Keep blogging! I have a site that I am creating about being terminal, my thoughts, my journey called: www.completepiece.blogspot.com. Soon I will invite the world into mine and I invite you as well.

    With great respect,


    By Blogger the warrior, at 17:15  
  • I love that song!

    By Blogger SF Photorama, at 13:48  
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