stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

day forty five

05 April 2006
i've had two days in a row of motion sickness during supension, so if it happens tomorrow, theyre going to put me on the super-heavy-duty prescription version of dramamine. the problem with this happening at suspension is that i still have to take a ride back to my room (ten to fifteen minutes) before i can try to sleep it off or relax. the ride back aggravates it to the point where it pretty much ruins the rest of the day.

after the halfway point, they start telling you about getting up, and to tell you the truth, eating meals while sitting up sounds awful. it's amazing how the body and mind adapt to strange situations. ricki was talking today about how they're going to get me ready to get out of bed and she told me "we're going to have you eat breakfast sitting up that morning" and i got queasy just thinking about it. im to the point that even putting me at zero degrees makes everything feel... off. they said this would happen, but i guess i wasn't going to fully believe them until it happened. like most things with this study, i wasn't sure what was going to happen and what wasn't.

-shrug- some days are just better than others.
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