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drunk dialing on a saturday night

09 April 2006
first: hiccups again. wow ow ow ow ow. i can't eat breakfast with hiccups.

second; aghhhhhhhh what the hell is your problem, people? you should not be calling me at 3am EVER, unless i left you a message that says "hey, it's 3am, can you call me back like, right away?" henry told mike that i had called... well, yeah, i called henry back like... friday... or was it that i had called on mike's phone? they weren't really clear, and i had JUST finally drifted off... of course, the one night i'm asleep before 4am, and i get drunk dialed. ugh. and of course, my first thought when i hear the phone ring is complete panic. if i'd been more cognizant, i would have given mike an earful, i'm sure he'll get one today.

more later. working on new posters finally (yay!)
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