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07 April 2006
ok., the new drug for the vertigo is wonderful, really but it makes me a little loopy. whee!

i wanted to thank everyone for the great emails and comments you've left for me and i will get to them as soon as i can... there are SO MANY! -grin-

i've also been really busy, with visitors mostly, which is awesome. in the past few days i've seen amy, jay, kyle, and justine... tomorrow holly, leia (!!!!!) sara, mel and whoever else from SNB are coming out for more fun.

i finally heard from leia, which almost made me cry. from her email:
I miss you and I love you.
I didn't think it would change too too much not having you around. BUT I

and then when i was replying, she called and said she was too excited to wait til she got home to get my reply.
she also said "i've been meaning to... you know... well, i'm sorry, i haven't been out to see you yet. and i have reasons, excuses really, and they're bad excuses, and you don't want to hear them." she was right, i didn't want to hear them (heh), but she realized that what she's done so far (nothing) kinda sucked. she wanted to come in tomorrow to hang out, so i told her to bring her crochet stuff and maybe pick up some knitting needles so i could teach her how to knit.

maybe people are finally starting to realize how long i've been gone, and that's why i'm getting more visitors. i don't know, i want to give everyone a second chance, but its kind of a limited time offer.

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  • Hi Erin,

    It’s your fellow bed rest subject and neighbor, Patty.

    I looked at your blog for the first time and I wanted to congratulate you; it’s pretty neat. You’ve got some great pics, too.

    I want to address your comments made early on in your blog:

    i haven't really said much about it yet, but it's been a week and i think she's being horribly inconsiderate at this point.
    sara (the person who works on the suspensions) made an astute observation last week "you're all zen-ed out in your room with your plants and what not,... and she's in there watching tv."
    exactly, it kind of ruins the "get away and have some peace of mind" mentality i had coming in. i'm sure the people reviewing the tapes will be randomly surprised at my middle-fingered-gestures towards my rude neighbor's general directions. on the tape, i'll look like i'm screaming, but i'm not.
    UGH. i've had enough.

    First off, my intention was not to be inconsiderate with my TV watching. I guess I’m just trying to be as comfortable as possible (just like you have been trying). I admit that I’m a bit of a TV junkie. I do enjoy a lot of shows and a lot of the times I keep the TV on for background “noise.” The walls in my room are just as thin as the ones in your room. Sometimes when you have company, you and your several guests are having a great visit (and I’m happy for you), but it can be distracting to me if I’m trying to have some quiet time, or if I’m reading, or working on my taxes or my book that I’m writing, or mourning the three people I knew that died last week.

    You have a wonderful, hearty, loud laugh and if I’m doing stand-up, I’d love to have you in the audience. But, hearing it (along with your visitors) when I’m here in my room - not so pleasant. So, sometimes I just turn the TV up a little or ask to have my door closed. Plus, there is a lot of traffic in the hallways during the day which at times is loud. The garbage and the linen drop-offs are right outside my door and sometimes the employees gather round it (like a water cooler in an office) and chat. Plus, there is a phone in the hall outside my room that gets used - again more noise. My TV helps me tune it out and to relax. I try to keep it at a respectable audible level despite what you might think.

    You’ve griped about your friends not visiting you, but you’ve had more company than I’ve had. I feel the same way you do; I’m not going to “guilt” people into visiting me. If they want to come, they are welcome - but, I’m not going to ask people to come see me. Everybody is “busy.” My friends, though, do email and call. So, be thankful you have people coming to see you. Just remember that the noise goes both ways between our rooms.

    And, next time you’re looking for a Buddhist, Zen-like, Bohemian, alternative retreat - do yourself a favor and look elsewhere besides a hospital room.

    Hang in there kid, only five weeks to go!

    By Blogger Patty, at 14:52  
  • You are doing great! Send people to our web page at: www.researchscope.com/spacestudy so we can have more of this on line chat..er, blogging. Nice meeting you at your celebration for getting half way through. You are not only a lovely lady, you are brave and pushing the envelope to help others.


    Best regards,

    J Day

    By Anonymous jday, at 17:00  
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