stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden


07 April 2006
fighting vertigo and stupid drama most of the day, sorry for no updates.

sick/lazy/tired blahhhhh

check it out, rocketboom rocks my socks and my sitemeter.

antivert is wearing off. must sleep.
i've got to go to bed.
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  • Hi there! I came here through rocketboom. Interesting story.

    I assume you're the "exercise" group. What do the "no exercise" group get to do? Are they allowed to even use the Internet?

    How do you get to use the internet yourself? Does the keyboard and monitor get wheeled over into the appropriate position for you to use?

    You've probably answered these questions before already but I'm new here.

    Aloha! Pueo

    By Blogger pueo77, at 06:34  
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