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henry and hyperbolic crochet. but not in the same sentence.

16 April 2006
i finally saw henry today! yay! not entirely sure how that happened, but mike showed up with henry today around 7, 730. wow, i've missed him. eight weeks with no henry = sad erin. ok, maybe not that drastic, but it was really good to see him again.

i guess he told his dad he was coming to see me... and his dad knew who i was. awesome. henry's dad works at nasa glenn and saw the blip on nasawatch (which, btw, is back up again. thanks keith!)

hi henry's dad!

in other news, a simple mistake in crochet has led to a brand new obsession: crochet hyperbolic planes and psuedospheres. why didn't i discover this weeks ago?! crap!
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  • Hi Erin,

    I'm glad Henry finally made it out there. He's really busy these days and will be going off on tour for a few weeks.

    Sounds like you're keeping busy. That's an interesting looking rotation of music; I'll have to check some of it out. I like some Yo La Tengo.

    Are you in the control group or the exercise group? In addition to bone loss and muscle atrophy, weightlessness seems to affect the immune system. I hope you don't catch anything. I'm sure they are keeping a close eye on your blood count. Do they have air filters running? Do you get any fresh air now that the weather is nice?

    How long do they expect your recovery period to be? I imagine it could be a while before you are back to normal. Do they have a recovery regimen planned for you?

    Good luck and thanks.

    By Anonymous Dan Glover (Henry's Dad), at 11:07  
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