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here's to good karma!

04 April 2006
today was INsane. wow. surprise party for the halfway mark! met the marketing directors for the study, they asked me to give them their jobs back. -snicker- met more people from the lab and nasa/glenn. got a new poster of the astronaut corps (sweet!) a new tshirt (eh! clean clothes! -laughs-) more cosmetics and lotions and stuff from ricki and her lovely supplier at saks (grin!) flowers, a balloon, and lots and lots of visitors. george came by for my suspension today too. he also brough some cds for me to listen to, and a couple books (the one i'm really excited about is the scrabble book. yep, geekfest!) and he hung out for awhile until it was about time for my massage. i think his visit with me clinched the deal, he's going to do the study too.

mike was supposed to be here, (i guess he was planning this all along, behind my back!) but his car was in the shop. yeah. the new car he got was IN THE SHOP. forkin a. there's got to be some good karma coming our way soon. but he was here later and we got some post-massage snuggle time in before a nurse interrupted with my dinner. (post massage is the key point here, i'm really blissed out after a massage, and well... sans clothing. lol! but really, we miss each other to the point of ridiculousness, we're used to sleeping together every night and ...stuff.)

i have lots of pictures, i just need to get them off my camera... lazy lazy girl.

it's late, i should be sleeping.

hoorah! it'll be easy from here on out. right?
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