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13 April 2006
yes. i know i'm being lazy about posting. but the vertigo is finally being beat into submission by the antivert and i'm feeling a lot better. so more (real) posts soon. there is a lot to talk about and a lot to say, but in the mean time i am working on more graphic stuff and finishing frivolous knitting projects, instead of working on real stuff like i should be. and i'm trying to remember to take a lot of pictures too.

ok quick question everyone, do feet freak you out? my toenails are an awesome shade of blue/green now, thanks to leia, but i'm afraid to post them because some people totally spaz. comment and let me know, otherwise, i'll just post it to the flickr stream....

ps, hi to everyone coming from happy scrappy and mess and noise (transient random, who did you find first: me, or the volta sound? lol)

ps #2, i have almost 90 unread (not spam) messages in my inbox. -dies- oh MAN.
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