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16 April 2006
it seems like i have to start eating as soon as i wake up; and then i'm eating all day long until i go to sleep. i am SO sick of eating that i'm going to forget going out for a good dinner when i get out, i'll just not eat for a week.

i'm SICK OF EATING. ugh. i'm sick of shoveling food into my mouth. i'm sick of the ACT of eating.

the problem started when i dropped all that weight at the beginning of the study. i didn't mean to, it's just that eating healthy for once made me lose a lot of my junkfood weight.... (and just the fact that i had it in the first place is kind of gross) so they started putting more food on my tray. i had to gain some back, and maintain once i got there. i guess it takes a lot more food for me to maintain my weight than people thought, since i'm younger i probably have a higher metabolism. but some days it is totally ridiculous. the reason for our specific diet has been explained (low fat/calories because we're not using as much energy as someone up walking around and low protein because of the increased risk of kidney stones.) so they are kind of limited in what they can give me. but holy cow.

ok enough crabbing about the food situation: i'm spending my early afternoon listening to bauhaus and working on the album art.

i'm just taking screen caps of it, and saving it in paint, because the actual work is 12" by 144" ...... even if it's only released on CD, it will still be 60" long.

back to it.
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  • aah, the sprouting of a guitar-flower, breaking into the psychedelic stratosphere...

    By Anonymous jay krasnow, at 11:27  
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