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NASA Glenn budget leaves workers vulnerable

14 April 2006
NASA Glenn budget leaves workers vulnerable:
"'We've been sitting around for six months with nothing to do - nothing that's funded,' says Sheila Bailey, a 20-year veteran at the center who has a doctorate and works with solar cells for space power applications.

In government-speak, Bailey and her colleagues are now 'uncovered' employees. In any language, they're vulnerable.

So is the Greater Cleveland economy: Unless Glenn quickly wins more of the space program work it's fighting for, scores of the region's most talented scientists and engineers risk being tossed out of jobs that can't be readily replaced.

NASA is now focusing almost exclusively on space exploration and has cut money it spends on research.

Including Glenn, four of NASA's 10 federal labs concentrate on research. But about 95 percent of NASA's budget goes for spaceflight missions."

this is a damned shame. honestly. not only because it will affect the local economy, but because there's so much wasted opportunity for research in a situation like this.
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  • Good luck and hang (no pun intended) in there.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:11  
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