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new camera angles

15 April 2006
not that i had pics of the original camera angles, but maybe i can explain a little better. ps sorry about the crappy photo quality, taking digital photos with a bad camera of a tiny little tv screen=pictures that are teh suck.

but ricki took the pictures for me to make me feel a little better about the change. cuz wow, yeah, i was really kind of freaked out about it.

this is what the camera angles look like now when the curtains are closed. obviously, you can see into my room now, but you can't really see the bed.

 so they can see anything 18 inches over my bed, putting my legs up in the air, stretching, people standing next to my bed, and the major protocol breaker: sitting up. yep, no sitting up allowed. like... you guys can't even imagine how weird that is... for two months now, and three by the time i'm out of here... i haven't been able to sit up. wow.

you can see that the bed has almost completely been obscured for purposes of toileting and bathing and the like. (this has been fixed, this camera angle has been completely blocked by curtains now.)
i wish they had taken a picture of when the curtains were open too. just for my own curiositys sake. but i get the general idea, and now, so do you! Posted by Picasa
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