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next stop: late night talk shows?

07 April 2006
ps had two or three people mention letterman.

no, really?

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  • Hmm would this fall under "stupid human tricks"? Maybe he'd send Rupert Gee out to meet you.

    By Blogger pueo77, at 06:52  
  • Hi Erin! I saw your clip on Rocketboom yesterday. Wow! What a way to spend 3 months! I can't get you on Letterman but I can get you, with live audio/video, in front of every person who visits your blog, if and when YOU choose. Please see email I sent 04/06/06 subject: Time to knit, time to talk? and let me know.

    Hang in there! Oops, sorry!

    By Anonymous Christian, at 09:08  
  • say you on rocketboom today. i just wanted to wish you goodluck.

    keep stronge girl!


    By Anonymous ba, at 13:40  
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