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pete relic, beloved tromboner :-)

28 April 2006
Pete's coming to town this summer? Maybemaybe hurrah-y! (i just thought of something awesome for him. -grin-)


it was huge:
Nixon came to Cleveland in '74, the same week Hank Aaron hit the 714th home run of his career and passed Babe Ruth on the all-time list. My older brothers were convinced that Nixon's helicopter was going to fly over our house. We raked leaves all morning between the huge oak trees in the backyard, then made a peace sign with the leaves. It was huge. In the middle of the afternoon a helicopter flew over our backyard. "President Nixon!" Barb screamed at the sky while my brothers and I pointed at the peace sign of leaves. Now that was a great American, Hank Aaron. (020404)

the flutateer and tambouriner miss you, senor pedro tromboner. Posted by Picasa
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