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slow day in american splendor.

29 April 2006
 mike was here for a little bit of quiet time today. it was nice to just take a break from the hustle and bustle of weekdays for times like this.
 he's reading the american splendor graphic novel "our movie year"
 i told him to not pay attention to the fact that the camera was going off constantly. i got a few good shots, too.
 and after this, i settled down and read the end of it with him.

it's days like these that make me feel really lucky to have him. we don't HAVE to be doing something. just being together, being around each other is enough.

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  • It's nice to be able to hear someone else say it. It's like being reminded that we are all human. More often than not, "just being"... (fill in the blank) is not only enough but exactly what we need.

    By Blogger rain, at 06:43  
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