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21 April 2006
oooooooooooooooooooo! mad.

ok, so some of my friends (who will remain nameless, for now) have not been up to visit me. (in fact, a lot have still not come to visit. but that's another story.) i'm talking about a specific few (out of the set that haven't come to see me) that heard about the CNN thing, and asked when the camera crews might be here. then they finally express interest in coming to see me when they thought they might be on TV. ugh! what in the HELL makes them think they've got any right to be on TV? they haven't been here for ... almost nine weeks now, and they don't deserve it. these are people i considered close friends in the outside world, now showing their true, faded, watery colors. i don't even feel like talking to them anymore, much less seeing them, now or any time after i get out of the hospital. in fact, the only person i think i want here when the cameras are around is mike. and maybe a couple of the more frequent SNB visitors. it just proves once more how shallow and self centered some of my friends are.

yes, this is crabby and cranky, but after a bad night like tonight, i'm allowed a little bit of ranting. it's frustrating! these are people i've counted on in the past... guess i'm glad this wasn't life-threatening or anything. just friendship-threatening. that's all.

-breathes- ok, i needed to get that out. if this persists, i'm probably going to start naming names and being a little more specific. tomorrow i find out when the live segment is, when the camera crews will be here (hopefully) and figure out the serious storage space problem i have in here.

i'm going to put the laptop away and crochet until i pass out.. coming soon: experiments in hyperbolic crochet. i promise. -grin-
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  • so like um, do you have my cell number? I will be in Cleave's Land a bunch this week, well, after the funeral in Columbus this Saturday - one of my veterans, don't know if you've been following my LJ, been busy as a one armed paper-hanger 45 miles away.

    so, um, other than "the Cleveland Clinic", do you think you might be able to email me a more exacting location? It's a big campus...

    I should be back on Saturday evening, if so, I will have a meeting at the Wyndham from 6p30 until about 8pm, then can visit all I like if you are up for it :-)

    Unfortunately, because my VA thing was enough for immediate bills, but not enough to pay any back stuff, I still have to make sure I am combining more than one reason to drive that way anytime I am going to spend nearly $12 just for the gas. Hopefully, I will be moved up to Lakewood soon enough, no more 90 mile trips :-)

    By Blogger marie, at 04:02  
  • don't worry. we'll find a place for all your stuff. we always do. -grin-

    I love you


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:12  
  • ack. can't blame you for being pissed, I would be too.
    FWIW, I'll be visiting soon, but NOT when the cams are there ... egads ... that's not for me lol
    email and let me know what works for you.

    By Blogger Kat, at 12:23  
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