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then one fine mornin' she puts on a new york station, you know, she couldn't believe what she heard at all

28 April 2006
I got in trouble today for staying up late. I have no public comment at this time, but I sure as hell have a few private ones.

No more late night blogging for me. So, I have a quick couple of photo posts and then I have to go bed.

-rolls eyes-

Today hasn't been that good, mentally. I've been fighting a lot of internal anger and restlessness. I've got two weeks left, that's what everyone tells me. But it's beautiful outside and I feel like I'm missing out on spring. -sigh- I'll be home soon...
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  • Spring is beautyfuel, and yet it gets some people depressed, because everything is breaking out, but they, they feel, are not.
    Your posts are interesting and somehow beguiling. Good cheer to you.

    By Blogger hereward pooley, at 09:59  
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