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06 April 2006
 most ironic fortune cookie. EVER. Posted by Picasa
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  • That is amazingly funny!

    By Blogger Kat, at 07:08  
  • THAT IS TOO HILARIOUS!! You're really cracking me up this morning.

    By Blogger sparky, at 09:23  
  • Just saw your interview with rocketboom!
    sounds pretty intense.

    By Blogger PandaPanda!, at 09:36  
  • haha thats awesome. im proud of you, keep it up!

    By Blogger Alexander, at 10:00  
  • Hi.
    I just saw you on rocketboom and I wanted to say hello and tell you that I think what you're doing is amazing, both for the study and for what you're doing to better yourself.
    Well, I just wanted say hi and show my support. If you ever get lonely and want someone to talk to feel free to look me up.
    take care

    By Anonymous danny, at 10:01  
  • Wow, Rocketboom! That's the big time ... I wouldn't be surprised to learn you've heard from Letterman next ... seriously, Amanda is very popular! Stay tough, you're doing something you'll be able to tell people about forever.


    By Blogger Chase Squires, at 16:00  
  • Oops, I just tried this and I don't think it went through ... anyway, Rocketboom interview was great, I wouldn't be surprised to see you on Letterman next! Stay tough, you're getting there!


    By Blogger Chase Squires, at 16:02  
  • Is it fate?

    By Anonymous brem, at 16:10  
  • i just heard about you, and i have to say you really are an insparation to me, because i get bored so easily, but you have managed to survive all this time and create your own entertainment. good show...

    By Anonymous pythagoras, at 17:45  
  • heck of a project... that's awesome. Just saw you on Rocketboom. Nice fortune in your cookie... that's too funny!

    By Anonymous Bob, at 18:32  
  • Hi erin:

    Yet another rocketboom fan checking out your blog. Congratulations on making it half-way through your project! Thank you for sharing your experience and all the photos with us.


    By Blogger Connie, at 22:00  
  • Hola

    Este día todas las entradas definitivamente son de rocketboom, pero dime... como terminaste en algo asi!, no lo se, pero te deseo toda la suerte del mundo, saludos desde la ciudad de mexico


    Si te entrevista Letterman espero verlo en la tv pronto, por lo menos el top ten

    By Blogger JavierSC, at 22:39  
  • yup.. rocketboom.. seriously, what you are doing while probably feeling completely mundane may be teaching us invaluable lesson we can apply to future times. thanks from this Canadian!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:45  
  • Got here via rocketboom. Just finished reading all your previous entries. Congrats on getting to the half way point. Look forward to reading when you finish. :)

    By Blogger spi, at 00:04  
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