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30 degrees

15 May 2006
  first sitting up in 12 weeks.... wow. i haven't "gone white" yet, so i'm doing alright. i feel a little shaky and really disoriented, but doing well so far.
 and this is how long my hair has gotten in three months. and yea i look crosseyed, we were having problems with the camera and i was focused on it for too long >_<

more pictures as the morning progresses, but i don't know if i'll be able to post them. it's going to get pretty crazy after 9ish. Posted by Picasa
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  • Congratulations....and enjoy!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:35  
  • yes!! this is so exciting! i can't wait to talk to you later. you must be going through so much right now. i'm so happy for you! YOU DID IT!

    By Blogger Dove, at 13:10  
  • you did it!! i'm so proud!

    By Blogger Dove, at 13:10  

    :::: Racking brain for something witty/appropriate/worthy... ::::

    :::: hmmmmmmm...::::



    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 13:59  
  • Congrats, Erin! I have visited your site from time to time since Keith Cowing at Nasawatch first pointed to you.

    Best wishes for this "going vertical" stage... and I'll be blogging this 30-degree milestone.

    By Anonymous Susan Kitchens, at 23:20  
  • Just saw the Article on this at Digg...

    Your one Brave Person!...

    One thing I guess to be thankful for is you never had to leave Mother Earth in order to do this... hehe


    By Blogger Keith, at 00:39  
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    Thanks, David

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:02  
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