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CNN's here. right now.

03 May 2006
Cnn's here and they want to see how this works. blogger's pretty easy, right? right.

Lots of photos from today, if i can remember to take them

don't forget to watch American Morning on friday, between 9 and 10 am. :-D
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  • YEA AND congrats :)
    I hope they gave you good lighting ;)

    By Blogger Kat, at 12:48  
  • This experiment thingy that you have going on seems like an interesting thing, but I am not exactly sure of what the experiment is. Do they keep you chained to your bed or something?
    I really like the alien under the following the hedges title.

    By Blogger bob the text book reader, at 19:55  
  • Congratulations on making it as a blog of note!

    By Blogger Online Degree, at 02:07  
  • Erin,

    I was chatting about you today with a friend of mine from Florida. I wish you the best and will be watching Friday Morning. You can share all the behind the scenes 411 after it airs, as there always is a slant to every aired story and I just hope you get to be apart of the creative process prior to air time as YOU are the volunteer that is enduring this tedious study.

    So as you prepare, prepare less and enjoy more, especially the moment(s).

    By Blogger the warrior, at 02:08  
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