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10 May 2006
i'm sorry there haven't been a whole lot of posts lately. i'm very anxious to get out of bed though! the muscle biopsy did go a lot better, which i was really happy about. after three days i'm almost completely back to normal.

i've also been really busy kicking a personal community into high gear. they have an event coming up and have been hemming and hawing about EVERYTHING. i finally got frustrated and said something. hoping something helps.

i'm also thinking of buying a flickr pro account, because i didn't realize only 200 pictures would be shown. i have WAY more than 200 pictures. gah.

also: started making origami fish for a litle project of mine. fun. ^_^

i can hear and smell the rain, and oh god i miss spring. i can't wait to get out of here!! seriously. i'm done.

ps: yes, i am screwing with the template again. bear with me.
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  • Hey Erin,

    I am diggin your 'new look' and is appears as though you are leaving soon. More power to you. You deserve only the best. Hey regarding pictures, you might want to try shutterfly.com. I use them and have 3 albums now of ofer 200 pictures each and I keep adding and editing as I go along. Save the cash and by yourself a new cd or some tea, I would.


    and when you get a chance, drop my a shout out sometime. I know life has been crazt, but sometime, when you have the time.

    By Blogger the warrior, at 22:16  
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