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08 May 2006
bleh... in about an hour and a half i have the second muscle biopsy for the study. ugh, yuck. i hurt just thinking about it. it's quite possibly the worst pain i've ever been in. EVER. and i'm putting myself through it again. they said i can refuse it right up until he actually puts the needle in. in the end, that would make the first biopsy completely pointless, and i would have put myself through all that pain for nothing. they have to compare before and after, right? with nothing to compare the first one two, the first one is completely worthless. so that's why i'm going to go through with it. better to feel it twice and there be a benefit for science than to feel it once for no reason at all.

ok, to make myself feel better, a little devendra banhart

Well the end of May
The middle of June
They'll be coming home

Soon is good
But sooner is best

Surgery I stole from you
Surgery you stole from me
Have believe in apathy
Orange tree could be all a dream
All that I have seen of him
His money is such a lucky sin
Your eyes see sweet but your mouth tastes tin
The toothbrush is black
That's the place where you're at
And a snake holds the knife
And a snake holds a knife
All I see brings you close to me
All I do brings me close to you
Summer snake dance for dance's sake
Into faraway, into faraway, faraway
Into faraway

did i mention i was in love?

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  • Good Luck and I liked your poetry.

    By Blogger Annie, at 13:25  
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