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11 May 2006
apparently a mystery box showed up at my apartment yesterday. mike thought it was so important that he called me in the middle of my massage to ask me if he could open it or not. he was so excited. such a little kid sometimes. -grin- i felt weird talking on the phone when i was getting a massage. very hollywood.

i told him no, i wanted to open it. i vaguely and halfassed-ly threatened him with mail tampering and hung up the phone. so he's bringing it out today. but he said it's HEAVY. like... his six year old went to pick it up to "help out" and couldn't. -bounce!- i can't wait to see what's in it.
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  • maybe it's a fat puppy>??

    By Blogger JeSSiCa, at 14:22  
  • Lol arent all guys little...

    some are imature idiots to me...lol

    LOVE ur blog...did u make that template by urself..it look amzing

    check out my blog at silly-summer-side.com

    By Blogger Princess Fantasy, at 19:32  
  • sex?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20:11  
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