stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

i can't tell what kind of life i've lived today

05 May 2006
PS: saving all deserts for the end of the day ROCKS, thankyouverymuch. any day ending with cheesecake and ice cream is a good day, indeed.
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  • Have to agree there. I'm one of the folks who follows NASA Watch pretty faithfully. I think what you're doing is remarkable. I hope that your next 10 days pass by swiftly, & that your return to a "normal" posture will be without mishap. As I suffer from chronic back pain, I think that studies of how the spine & the muscles &c. related to the spine operate under different conditions are valuable. It seems like you're experiencing some impressive back pain yourself-did you get pains before you underwent the months of bedrest?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05:16  
  • hey! I agree it gives us girls something to look forward to in the evenging doesn't it! Trouble is if you have all the good stuff in the evening then its more likely to convert to fat overnight when you are inactive. so technicaly you have two options enjoy it and forget about it or dont sleep!

    good luck on the whole healthy eating thing


    By Blogger stunted, at 05:18  
  • I am glad to see that those desserts are not a chore. Congratulations on your CNN fame. I also want to thank you for doing the study. You are almost home, literally.

    By Anonymous Friendly Food Provider, at 11:55  
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