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i don't usually do this

10 May 2006
in fact, i've never done this. but i think this is unfortunately, an accurate picture of our president. i think everyone should watch this and realize that he's a puppet, and doesn't actually know anything about running a country.

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  • He has a public mandate. We can't expect him to be on top of all of the details.

    By Blogger Sarah Letnes, at 18:07  
  • the man is clearly an idiot. I'm not in the least surprised.

    By Blogger Dorid Lovely, at 00:57  
  • The president isn't supposed to be a know-it-all person in the government. He acts as a leader in commanding the nation. Although it is rather embarassing that he had absolutely no answer to that question.

    By Blogger Sammy Chen, at 02:16  
  • Wow. First off I have enjoyed exploring your blog. Secondly, yea thats him in all his ignorant glory. I need to put that video on my blog! Two more years of this asshole too. Hope we can hold out!

    By Blogger Brad, at 02:47  
  • You are so right, the guy is so evil, i mean he is bringing innocent people in to the war, people are dying due to his anger towards Iraq. We should place him in the war on his own to fight his own battles.

    By Blogger Tahmena, at 09:09  
  • You are so right, I find Bush is an evil man how can he be like this he is killing so many innocent lives and still has no emotion towards to it, kids are dying mothers and all families. Innocent people are being killed over his anger towards Iraq. I think he should be placed on the war field on his own to fight his own battles.

    By Blogger Tahmena, at 09:11  
  • It just amazes me that they let him speak.
    Thanks for the post.

    By Blogger Kat, at 09:42  
  • wow, that is pathetic. although, i must admit, he's quite the comedian.

    By Anonymous denise, at 13:56  
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