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08 May 2006
 Keith's screen grab of the CNN feature on friday...

 ...and put on the HUGE screen at the International Space Developers Conference. Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye the Science Guy were key speakers. How cool is that?

Keith also sent me audio of the mention I got at the conference. I'm going to try to edit that down tonight or tomorrow and save it as a smaller format and try to post it here.

and as I told him tonight:

...it feels wonderful to get recognition for something that started out as "hey, I think I might want to do this study" and then devoted ... well, my entire life to this for three months. Most of all, I hope this gets more volunteers to sign up for the study.

I'm done fighting with the template. I'll do more tomorrow, if I'm not totally swamped on the interview front. Tomorrow is Fox8 and .... Seed MagazinePosted by Picasa
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  • Erin,

    Love the pics and the new artistic 'flare'. It goes in hand with the title of this post. Pretty slick looking and I dig it!


    By Blogger the warrior, at 04:33  
  • Me parece muy bueno todo lo que cuentas.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20:40  
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