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08 May 2006

i didn't realize a subscription would be required to see the financial times article. ugh. i can't even read the rest of the article myself.

other media updates (hold on tight, here it comes):

->CNN will be back next week, they'll be taping me getting out of bed, and then another live interview wednesday or thursday.
->Daily Mail (UK) wants to use me as an example for a piece "about unusual experiences that people have endured in the name of medical science." far out. -grin-
->seed magazine wants to do an interview with me tomorrow. (online sci-tech magazine. i looked around, pretty sweet stuff)
->and something about fox8 news being here tomorrow. -shrug- eh? natalie asked about it today and i was like, sure, i'm game.

phew. this is my last week in bed and it is going to be BUSY.


to fix the IE issues with CSS (-grumble- haven't you gotten firefox yet?) I'm going to be reverting to a blogger template until I can figure out the problem. bleh.
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