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oh the irony

05 May 2006
 so, i had TV issues in here today. they tried everything. i guess that when the repair people came in to fix my call button, not only did they disconnect my light switches (from my bed) and tv controls and stuff, but the speakers built into my bed! agh! so ly came in this morning to turn on the TV... she could turn it on on the actual TV, but i couldn't get any sound. figures. the one time i turn on my TV in three months, and it doesn't work.

so kay came in with a TV from their conference room... and couldn't get the cables hooked up. ok, now what? they put me on a cart and rolled me into another room so i could watch it.

did i mention this was all before 8am? no? i didn't? well, it was really REALLY early for me. Posted by Picasa
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