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oh thunderbird, all yellow

04 May 2006
here's hoping the ambien works. and that my headache goes away. and that i drink more water. and that mike doesn't mind that i'm falling completely in love with devendra banhart. it's really the only thing i've wanted to listen to all day long.

here's to big days and the little ones in between. late night hair washes and small panics. random love songs and talks of smoothies.

note to self: finish thoughts before publishing entries! silly girl.

i'm still waiting for the ambien to kick in. it's taking longer than expected. more photos from today, they'll have to wait til tomorrow. i'm too lazy to take them off my camera tonight.

love love love and wish me luck tomorrow.
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  • ambien?

    i had good luck with melatonin supplements

    By Blogger idonothingallday, at 12:56  
  • I love devendra too! I saw him once in Albuquerque.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16:31  
  • Devendra warms my heart with his delightful freak-fold melodies. The world needs to know more Devendra. It would be a better place.

    By Blogger Mason Jenkins, at 20:55  
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