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04 May 2006
in a bit of a funk today.... blah blah blah just want to flippin go home. the ambien wasn't working last night so i woke up super grumpy this morning. lovely.

i have a bunch of other stuff i'd like to say, but everyone's watching now. hello, self-censorship. i'm tired. i want to go home. that's it.

more later.
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  • Erin, I'm not sure how much of a difference one comment from a stranger will make in your mood, but I wanted to tell that I think you're doing an amazing thing. I can't comprehend staying in bed for a day, let alone for three months. It's obvious your intentions are more pure than whatever you're earning to do this-- I can't imagine any amount of money could keep you in bed right now. Keep thinking of all the good that will come out of what you're doing! I found your blog after it became one of the blogs of note... you certainly deserve the recognition. Not only are you doing something unusual and worthy, but you're an interesting person with some witty takes on the world. As hard as the bedrest must be, you've managed to still notice some of the beauty in life, such as the flowers and plants in your room. You've been in my thoughts since I first read your blog. I'm counting down the days to May 15 with you! Hang in there! ...KAT

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