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05 May 2006
so. sara FINALLY mentions to me this morning that my blog looks like CRAP in internet explorer. so! i'm going to recommend that everyone gets mozilla, because it looks infinitely better in mozilla. internet explorer has AWFUL CSS support.

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!
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  • Weird glitch with the TV -- I didn't get to see the broadcast! I'm confident it was great, and I'm hoping to hear all about it this weekend! (I'll bring my in-progress multicolor purse...) :)

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 13:04  
  • I just saw your story on CNN Headline News....just wanted to say thanks for helping out NASA. Hopefully someday they will be able to get a human to walk on Mars before I die of old age.

    By Anonymous Lee, at 13:35  
  • Erin,

    You shown loud and clear in Texas this morning and you should be proud. Solodad O'Brian thought what you were doing was pretty outrageous and was really excited about telling everyone about your blog and its address.

    I got two calls from out of state, Florida and Indiana, telling me, you know that girl you talk about, well she is on television, CNN , pretty cool, huh.

    Congrats and get some rest and as always, I thank you for sharing more of you with us. My favorite part was when they said goodbye to you and there was an audio delay and you say bye (quietly) while they are heading their next air piece. It was classic live television. And worth it.


    By Blogger the warrior, at 15:09  
  • Hi, Erin--unfortunately I spaced and didn't remember about the time zone change, so I missed your appearance on CNN this morning. suck.

    However, I did post your site on Cynical-C as my new favorite blog, and then kottke.org picked it up, and he's got about 86 billion readers--so, hey! between Kottke and CNN, you could be the next Dooce.com!

    Loving the blog, keep writing.

    By Blogger Christy, at 19:36  
  • Hey I see you like Firefox too.


    By Blogger Dee, at 19:51  
  • Did you ever figure out anything to do about it? I'm having the same problem with my blog.

    By Blogger David Stinson, at 21:49  
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