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06 May 2006
the Financial Times piece is up! this is a quick snippet, the rest is at the link above!

Flat out at work
By Erin Peterson and Catherine Neilan
Published: May 5 2006 17:29

I was online, looking for a new job, and came across a link saying “Get paid to stay in bed!” I didn’t think it was for real, but it was: a Nasa-sponsored bed-rest study into what happens to bone density and muscles during long periods of weightlessness. It’s really expensive to send people into space, but lying in bed with my head slightly lower than my body simulates microgravity, so space researchers can see - in a Cleveland, Ohio, hospital room - how my body adapts.

/edit: i didn't realize a subscription was required. ugh. i can't even read the rest of the article myself.
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  • Don't do it! Your legs will be so weak you won't be able to run.

    By Anonymous Bank Locator, at 20:39  
  • Hey Erin, I've heard a radio ad in Austin for insomniacs and those with sleeping problems to participate in a NASA program in Houston. I wanted to try it but i heard you'll be subjected to more than 2Gs during the program. I guess what you're into now is pretty much the same thing but different approach from what i heard. Well good luck to you! Hope everything ends up well with you.

    By Blogger X5-891, at 20:42  
  • Hi Sara,

    How are you doing? I just watched the segment on CNN and was wondering how long will you need to be horizontal for the program, and how much are they paying you?

    Thanks and good luck,


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:34  
  • Ooops... I menat Erin....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:35  
  • Ugh... I can't type either... I meant Erin....


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:36  
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