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there was a time when i asked you for a favor.

03 May 2006
today was great. the CNN crew (kate, mike, and jj) were here for about six hours. i had an audience for NEARLY everything i did. (with exceptions for decency of course)

leia showed up right before suspension... holy cow! surprised the bejeesus out of me. but it was good to see her again. she knew it was going on, just didn't know when.... so she got to see me puppetized.
mike showed up for suspension too... so that was a lot of fun. mike accidentally took my camera home, so pictures will have to wait.

sorry, i've been really bad at updating this week. i'm trying. holy cow.


one thing that i've learned this week: doing this study just for the money just wouldn't be worth it. i'm glad i came into this with higher motives and long term plans. because wow, the money's not what's keeping me in bed at this point. it's not enought to keep me motivated through 12 weeks of bedrest.

i keep forgetting to hit post. damn.

ok, bed time.

the ambien is not working. but i know i need to go to bed. -sigh-
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