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18 May 2006
oops. forgot the CD of pictures and other files off the laptop at the clinic. oh well. i'll be back there tomorrow for rehab and a visit with george, who's going through more of the screening process.

the flickr account has been upgraded to pro, so all of my pictures are visible. i'll be handing off the passwords to these to george and becca too. (ps, becca, do you need a second invite? i was wondering if something got messed up the first time. let me know!)

i will also be buying a domain name, probably in the next week or so, but i'm not entirely sure about how to integrate a blogger site into a site, which hosts are good and which aren't. any recommendations on where to buy the name and where to host, please email me. also, does anyone know if it's possible to be hosting two different blogger blogs on the same domain? so we could have seperate blogs but as subdomains for the same place? ie, stardustholiday.com/erin or stardustholiday.com/george or whatever else. i think that would be pretty cool.

i'm finally home, kicking back and having a couple beers. it's been a long strange three months, but let me tell you: it's good to be home. it is damned good to be home.
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  • dreamhost!

    By Blogger syntax, at 09:12  
  • Congratulations! You did it! It's been cool to see how your experience has grown from a personal blog to appearances on CNN and in magazines and newspapers.
    Still, I'm sure you're glad to be out of the clinic and back home. Enjoy!

    By Blogger KAT, at 11:14  
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