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02 May 2006
i am stressing. big time. CNN is going to be here tomorrow all day. and of course, if my immune system wasn't all screwed up enough by this study, stress helps it right along. so i have a nice big headache and a huge day tomorrow. joy! god, my head kinda feels like it's going to explode. crap. oh yeah, and stress = zits. not what you wanted to know, but it's MY blog afterall. my head is buzzing with all the stuff i need to get done.

lisa was in today and we had an excellent discussion about how people disappear when you need them the most. that and where the noodle phase started. -laughs!- i vote the next time she comes over, we have a pajama party. -grin- i have pajamas here, and i know she's got her red plaid set SOMEWHERE. -wink-
and she told me that some of my work in my room had an "alfons mucha" feel to it. i nearly pissed myself, i was so excited by the comparison. wow. he's one of my new graphics idols. his work is amazing.

i met charlie (the physiologist) today. he'll be in charge of my rehab. or the whip, if necessary. i'm certainly going to need SOMETHING to beat my butt back into shape.

mike brought in lilacs yesterday... awwww. i LOVE the way they smell.

i had a great conversation with justine today too. i'll be sad if she leaves after graduation.

totally exhausted, but way too excited to sleep. think "christmas when you're five" meets "the biggest speech you'll ever make in your life" and that's about where i'm at right now. totally freaked/excited.

i will try to sleep. hopefully the one-two punch of ambien and antivert will beat me into submission. -rolls eyes-

ok, ok, goodnight.

oh! kat! remind me to send you those pictures from this weekend! i'll never remember...
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  • Ooh, you quoted a Smiths lyric in your post title! Yay! I LOVE The Smiths!
    That project sounds like it might have some unpleasant side-effects for your body, I hope it doesn't screw your body up too much. Good luck with it!

    By Blogger Hel Fire, at 15:46  
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