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14 May 2006
last. night. in. bed.

i won't be able to sleep, i know that much.

mike finished emptying out my room today, the walls are bare and depressing. my money tree is still here, the first plant that came into my room, and the last plant to leave. there are still odds and ends here and there, mike is coming back with the empty suitcase to pack up my clothes for my move to the hotel.

i am so ANXIOUS! argh!

i have a tickertape going through my head and all it says is "get out of bed" over and over and over.

so today was mother's day, and i bought my presents through holly (kiss kiss! thank you so much for the discount hookup) so those should be out shortly. and the hospital food service staff likes to do nice things on holidays, so there was a little basket of hershey's freaking kisses on my lunch tray. OMG EVIL EVIL EVIL! so tammy put them up on the ledge where my animal parade used to be and said "when you can reach them, you can have them".... fair enough. i really want to get up and grab them now, but i'm pretty sure i'd be a crumpled heap on the floor.

dr cavanagh was in on thursday with a present..... a box of malley's chocolates. i'm going to devour that in .... ok, i won't do it in one sitting. but wow, am i ever going to tear into that. no chocolate for three months. wow. but the reason he came in on thursday is because he was leaving for england later that day. he's giving a talk about diabetic foot issues on monday, err, tomorrow in london. so he won't be here, i'm disappointed, but i'll still be getting out of bed tomorrow!

george came in and we played quite possibly the geekiest game of scrabble EVER. we couldn't lay out a board without it being a bit of a hassle, so he brought his laptop, got onto the CCF public wireless network, and we played internet scrabble.

suzanne, who has been an inspiration to me during the later part of the study (and a fellow bedrester, although hers was mandatory) brought in a card and a scarf that she made herself. she taught herself how to crochet from one of those kits that a part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research and made me a pink scarf! amazing, considering that four weeks ago she was struggling like a madwoman with casting on her knitting.

i also taught the lab's summer student intern how to knit on thursday, hurrah! what's the count up to now?

i have a lot of thoughts and reflections on 12 weeks of bedrest, but right now, my brain is focused on one thing, and that is getting out of this bed tomorrow morning. i am so excited it hurts. philosophical reflections will have to wait for a couple days while i get over the insanity of getting out of bed and all of the post bedrest testing that needs to get done before i get my earth legs back.

ok, ok! i should be sleeping now. but wow, i'm too excited. valium has had zero effect. the tickertape of the unconscious is still going : i'm getting out of bed tomorrow, i'm getting out of bed tomorrow, i'm getting out of bed tomorrow.

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  • Way to go Erin! Enjoy your legs!!!

    From those of us at the Man Vehicle Lab at MIT, we all pass on a HUGE thank you for the fabulous job you have done. It's people like you who will enable space travel of the future.

    Thank you a million times over!!!!

    By Anonymous Philip Ferguson, at 07:25  
  • Congratulations!

    By Blogger Amy, at 08:21  
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