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today is officially media insanity day.

12 May 2006
started off with "can you do a live phone interview tonight? it's for a canadian television station".... uh, sure.

the NASA interview was a lot of fun, Jan came down to my suspension (which i might mention is MY LAST ONE EVER) and interviewed me there, goofing off a little bit and having a good time. got a lot of pictures, hopefully some turn out :-D someone mentioned that the canadian TV station was actually canada's MTV. -boggles- cool!

when we got back to my room, my cell phone had voicemail and about five minutes into the rest of the interview, my phone was ringing again. MTV. asked them to call back, finished the interview with jan, checked messages and it was david, the reporter from seed magazine. called him back, and he wanted to talk to george and then mike too. so i put those phone calls in and got that set up, hope everything worked out with that. and as soon as i got off the phone with david, MTV called back about getting permission to use the flickr photos.

phew! SO MTV is calling me back right after my massage. insane.

massage time for me. head's going spinny on me.
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  • Hey I love your site -- I read your blog daily and it's so interesting. Where did you find the cool template to use on your blog?

    Kathy from Texas

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:52  
  • Whew, it does sound like it was a busy day. But you were great at helping me out. Thanks again. I hope you like the story I put up on Seed about you.

    By Blogger DigiDave, at 11:51  
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