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29 June 2006
it's asscrackofdawn thirty, and we're having breakfast and getting out of here. whoo!

i've been needing a roadtrip for the longest time (last time was chicago at new years) and this is by far the longest trip i've ever taken where i'd also be driving.

and of course, mike is busting out the brand new video camera. hijinks will ensue, for sure.
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  • Erin,

    Have a great road trip I am a hoping. South of the Kennedy Space Center is a small beach community named Indialantic. That is where I moved from and spend ten years of my life surfing, painting, writing and maturing (slowly) but maturing just the same. Eat at Big Island Burritos if you get the chance. Inexpensive and way good food. The black beans rock the world.

    Sebastian Inlet is pretty cool too.


    By Blogger the warrior, at 01:44  
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