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shuttle launch

23 June 2006
next weekend is the florida/shuttle launch trip, with an added bonus: i get to see my brother! unbeknownst to me, he joined the navy, went through boot camp while i was doing the study, and is now stationed in south carolina. so we're stopping in charleston so i can see my newly enlisted and out of the house (and SIX FOOT TALL) brother.

so, anyone working down at kennedy or going to be down there for the launch, let me know if you want to meet up and chat! :-) (keith, i'm sure you'll be down there too! drop me a line by wednesday!)

right now mike's down in the driveway fixing up the van for the trip, and i'm in the middle of dyeing my hair.... but i won't tell you what color. just yet.

i found that tshirt at a thrift store, brand new! how perfect!
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  • Erin, check the stardust gmail account.
    ~KSC vanler

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