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02 July 2006
no-go day one due to a CLOUD. it's not any better now, infact, it's a lot worse today, weather wise. we have to leave TOMORROW, no matter what. mike doesn't want to be driving home on the fourth of july, and he's got to go back to work wednesday.

but our friend Ben came through with some really close viewing passes. he used to live in cleveland, but moved down here to work at KSC.

-sigh- i hope this shuttle goes up today. otherwise, we're going to miss it.

hopefully i can get a hold of my brother too. i didn't get to see him thursday in charleston.

one word: blargh.

[edit: wow, big change of pace. launch was scrubbed for today, and rescheduled for tuesday, but i think we just made a group decision to stay for the launch on tuesday, go to the kennedy space center museums and stuff tomorrow, canoeing in the canal behind ben and colleen's house... sweet! but we won't be home until thursday now, a full week vacation. whew. ]
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